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Frayed Society, Breaking Heart:

Frayed Society, Breaking Heart:
“In some ways we are different, but in so many ways we are the same.” (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)
In the wake of yet another violent attack against other human beings and the online backlash that occurred from it, I feel compelled to write a special blog. Normally, I do not post about politically fueled arguments or societies issues. I try to stick to blogs about writing and writers lives, however I cannot sit silently by as these kinds of violent acts keep happening and not say anything about them. Recently in Charlottesville Virginia a group of protesters gathered to say that a statue that had been in the town for many years should be torn down because it was offensive to them and their history. There was an uprising of people that disagreed with them and violence ensued. Several people were killed and more injured. (This is a short version of what happened, however, I encourage you to read articles if you want more facts.) This is one of many prote…

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